Conference Social Program

Welcome Reception

Monday, 26 May

The reception will be held at “Capitania de Aveiro” and a tasting of Portuguese traditional food and wine will be served.

 “Capitania de Aveiro”, is the former port authority building that began as a mill and, nowadays, is the Assembly Hall. The building is based on a set of arches that are visible or not as the tide of the estuary and it is considered one of the most important examples of Art Nouveau in the Aveiro region and country.

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Moliceiro Trip

Tuesday, 27 May

Tour on board of the traditional boat “Moliceiro” along the “Ria de Aveiro” channels . During the tour will be served a tasting of Aveiro traditional sweets (Ovos Moles) and sparkling wine.



Conference Dinner

Wednesday, 28 May

The dinner will be held at Caves Alliança and will include a visit to the Aliança Underground Museum and a wine tasting.
During the dinner guest can enjoy the most traditional Portuguese music genre, Fado, that was recently consider World’s Heritage of humanity by Unesco.



Wine Turism 


Founded in 1927, Aliança Vinhos de Portugal has already over 80 years of life and history, it is currently a reference point in the wine sector and has a clear strategy for the Wine Tourism.
At ALIANÇA it is possible to experience a new concept of Wine and Art visiting both attractions.
Being “Art, Wine and Passion” the signing of the Group, Aliança sought to associate a cultural component that allows a visitor’s emotional connection with the company and its wines. In this context comes the creation of a unique and distinctive museum, the Aliança Underground Museum, developed over the traditional underground galleries of the company. Opened on April 24, 2010, is the first underground museum, and features eight permanent collections that cover areas such as archeology, ethnography, mineralogy, paleontology, ceramic tiles, tins and Indian culture. Integrated in the great universe of the Berardo Collection, these collections are the result of constant care of the collector José Berardo, in immunizing pieces and works of art from multiple sources and species, with both historical and sentimental meanings, which are derived from most varied imaginary, a gathering of people, places, beliefs and cultures, in perfect symbiosis with the wines, sparkling wines and brandies produced by the company.

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OSA Students Chapter Barbecue

Thursday, 29 May
University of Aveiro

A traditional barbecue will be offered by the OSA Student Chapter of the University of Aveiro.

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